About Hagen’s Automotive - Car on the road

Exceptional service since 1987

Hagen’s Automotive is a family-owned auto repair center. We've been serving residents of River Grove with first-class auto repairs and the best customer service in Melrose Park, IL for over 13 years. As a business, we primarily focus on providing auto repairs and parts for cars, trucks or SUVs which require repair due to accidents, safety issues or low quality of gas or electrical systems.

We take pride in our honest and individualized customer service. From general repairs like oil changes and brake jobs to more advanced work like electrical diagnostics, we can fix it all! Our technicians are ASE Certified and we do fleet repairs too.

So please come find us at our garage, call us, or book an appointment online and let us show you why we have been trusted in the community for over 20 years.

About the Owner: Mark Hagen

Mark Hagen is the owner at Hagen’s Automotive West, Melrose Park, IL. When Mark was 14, he started his career pumping gas as there were no self-service pumps back then. After keeping a watchful eye, he learned quickly and was an automotive technician by 17 years old.

From 1987-2000 Mark and his brother Scott, now ages 21 & 24, were the owners of Elmwood Park Amoco, gas and automotive repair, at the corners of 76th Ave. and North Ave. in Elmwood Park. In 1997 Mark and his brother decided that it was time to move away from big corporations and they went in a different direction.

Mark opened his 1st solo automotive repair shop, Hagen’s Automotive East, 8308 Grand Ave in River Grove in 1997. Things started slow, but with Mark’s automotive knowledge, unique outgoing personality, and customer service skills, the business quickly grew. Mark believes in explaining the diagnosis of your vehicle and educating his customer. His customer service philosophy is “talking with the customer, not at them”. Then, in 2010 opportunity knocked on his door and once again he expanded. Mark and his wife Kerri opened Hagen’s Automotive West, 2315 N. Mannheim Ave. in Melrose Park. They acquired a building that is 12 bays with 5 rental properties attached to the building and is nearly a block long in size. After 4 years and much needed renovations to the building, parking lot and waiting room, his work is nearly complete.

Mark felt that there was more to give back, so he joined various community organizations where he can play a more active role in helping those in the community, especially children. One of Mark’s favorite charitable foundations is “Unity in the Community”. Recently, Mark was invited to be a member of the Triton College Automotive Advisory Committee. He is excited to expand his role in the community.

New technology for cars is what is in with the automotive field, but Mark enjoys getting under the hood and get to the root of the problem. Kerri says that newer cars are more complex and more intriguing than yesteryears cars. Mark has a unique personality that you can easily talk to him, and he will explain the diagnosis of your vehicle. Both Mark and Kerri are very knowledgeable about how a business is ran. Mark was just invited to be the Member of The Automotive Advisory Committee through Triton College in River Grove. Students from West Wood College were gathered at Hagen Automotive West to learn the technology of today's cars. How innovating things have progressed since he first started working with automotive. Hagen's offers a variety of services for all makes, models, imports and domestics including alternators, brakes, engine repair, check engine light, oil changes, tires, all preventative maintains needs. Hagen's hires trained auto mechanics that stay on top of the latest technology by attending advanced school and training. No job is too big or too small for us. That is their motto for their future and current customers.